Vision Statement

Paradise Missionary Baptist Church is a Christ-Centered congregation that worships, evangelizes, and disciples. Our aim is To be a people, inspired with a passion for Christ and His compassion for others, who will GROW Spiritually, Socially, and Economically.

Mission Statement

Paradise Missionary Baptist Church seeks to provide an environment for authentic worship and effective Christian service. This is fulfilled through Biblical preaching and teaching aimed at practical application and through the facilitation of ministries that will equip the congregation to evangelize and live spirit filled lives.

For the realization of its Mission, the Paradise Missionary Baptist Church continuously seeks to

G– Gather collectively to diligently engage in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ authentically and authoritatively; that will religiously educate the congregant in the history, doctrines, tenets, and practices of the Christian faith.
R– Realize growth, development, and maturation in the life of its congregants. To be a reservoir of diverse programs and specialized ministries, with an inclination and orientation to Christian service.
O– Outreach to our local community and beyond. To employ effective evangelism strategies and consistently share our faith with those who
are not of the “household of faith”.
W– Worship authentically. to Give thanks to God unashamedly for all his blessings, to produce lifestyles of devotion and praise to god.

Our Member Covenant

Safeguard the unity of Paradise.
Share the responsibility of Paradise.
Serve the ministry of Paradise.
Support the testimony of Paradise.